The concept was a compound word from Ancient and Modern, but as it turns out in old Germanic ANMODE means, ask questions.  We encourage you to question the status quo!  Increasingly people feel that modern medicine is failing them.  We have found answers.



ANMODE Health was started with the deep knowledge that better solutions for our health are needed.  We look at ancient civilizations without the contributions of the drug industry, we are amazed what they were able to cure.

Our society is getting sicker by the minute and we are encouraged to take drugs after drugs, who’s list of side effects are longer than their healing benefits.  But ANMODE’s founders had personal experiences that showed them the way.  Their research guided them to dig deeper and deeper into ancient knowledge.

Today many have accepted the healing power of acupuncture, deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), some have experienced the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, and others have been exposed to other ancient methodologies.

We have developed our own product lines, but we have also not shied away to bring in other company’s products, because most important to us is your health.

Common Denominator 

Energy!  At the end of the day, we are energetic beings.  We have found products have in common that they modify properties of energy.  Take our proprietary Montmorillonite (the product with the highest energetic power), it is understood that most of its healing efficacies are derived from the energetic influence, whether applied sealed, externally to heal body injuries, or when drunk (emulsified in water), and used as a detoxing agent.  It is precisely this detoxification effect that flushes out all the harmful elements, including viruses!


While over time we will dig into the “Why it works”, today we are happy to know “That it works”.  Our believe about the Why is rooted in our understanding of Epigenetics.  We will publish more and more articles about epigenetics in our blogs.  We think that besides the active work of our Montmorillonite is also the factor of it being an epigenetic catalyst.

Thank you for reading
The ANMODE Health team