HEKA SPRAINEX (1 Lbs 10×4)


Our 1 Lbs rectangular, sealed bag last for a long time.  It is used to affix on body muscle and other injury problems.  Our customers as well as our own experiences show the following efficacies:

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ANMODE’s HEKA SPRAINEX is a sealed bag of HEKA CLAY.  NIH published research shows effectiveness against body injury problems.  The 1-pound bag is typically used to help with the healing process of muscle and other injuries. (The 3 Lbs bag, is typically used to sleep on for back problem or stronger impact infrared radiation treatments – however, we also learned that even the 1 Lbs. bag shows some effects already.  Our founder used the 3 Lbs bag to treat his lower lumbar problems, that after 3 months were gone.  The current scientific explanation lies in the field of Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) therapy.  Why and how is still under research.  We at ANMODE Health care more that it works.  But for those who are curious, our explanation is the radiation from the 18-component activate crystals seem to trigger stem cell generation, or better yet, are an epigenetic catalyst. (read one of our articles about epigenetics)


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