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Once you pay you will receive a download link for the Voice Recording Instructions.  After the analysis is completed, we will set up a one-on-one consultation about the findings.

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ANMODE’s HEALTH WAVE Analysis of your voice is exceptionally good guidance to speak with your health care professional about what is bothering you.  Rooted in Quantum Technology your voice reveals a lot about you.  After the recording you can speak to one of our medically trained in-house specialists, or to your own primary care physician.  We are more than happy to collaborate with your care personal.  Especially if they are dual trained – Medical and Homeopathic education.

Dr. of Homeopathy are highly respected doctors and in countries like Germany they provide to over 50% of the population.  But Homeopathy has many different incarnations, in India it is Ayurvedic Medicine, in China Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM).  20+ years ago the medical community laughed away Acupuncture just to have had to admit there they have seen benefits.  Acupuncture manipulates energy meridian, modern treat forms utilize energy forms for treatment, Ultrasound, Near and Far Infrared, Light Rooms, RF modification devices (see our own disks), and Microcurrent treatments.

To no surprise if energy and sound waves can better your conditions through energetic modification then it is logical that the voice also carries all the imbalances.


  1. Ronny

    The analysis revealed imbalances that have been in me for a very long time. I am so thankful for this opportunity – it changed my life. Dr. Fahmy is excellent.

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