Our 2 oz tub last with a nightly facial application for about 1 month.  HEKA CLEAR can also be used long term for a nicer, firmer skin.  If you suffer from rough elbows, or other dried out skin problem, HEKA CLEAR has shown to be very beneficial for that as well.

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ANMODE’s HEKA CLEAR is a compound specially formulated for skin application.  Earth products have long been known to be effective as facial masks, but they dry on the surface and the healing power remains only with a topological effect.  HEKA CLEAR now is a compound that carries the benefits of healing earth underneath the outer skin layer.  We have many indications that this resulted in effective treatments.  Typically, HEKA CLEAR is applied at bed time, so that it can be effective during the night.  However, in acute cases HEKA CLEAR can be applied several times a day as well.


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